session list view for a chartpart?

Jan 3, 2010 at 10:09 PM

Hi Wictor,

             I am using chartpart webpart and its working great, Now I got an issue and I need your suggestion, As the number of sectors(for a pie chart) are increasing with the increase in no. of list items in the list I was asked to filter the list based on user input date(report start date) and some other parameters.

For this what I am thinking is to create another(second) list having the same columns on which I need to generate reports, so that when ever user filters the main list the resultant filtered data will get copied in to the second lists's View (Say 'ChartView', using custom code) and I will connect the chartpart to this chartview such that the report looks dynamic to the user( based on his input parameters for the main list). This may work fine, but if user1 is working on his parameters-based generated reports and at the same time user2 gave new filter parameters the chartview and the chartpart webpart will gets updated, but as far as user1 is concerned this is not suppose to happen.

By any chance can I create a session based list view in sharepoint upon which I can generate the chartpart webpart reports?

Do you think my approach is correct?




Jan 5, 2010 at 10:34 PM


 2nd idea:

Using custom code filtering a list with respect to multiple parameters and saving all the resultant filtered list items in a personal view ofthe list (rather than shared view) and giving this view as an input to the chartpart webpart and personalizing the page (with chartpart webpart) for every user loged in.

Does this provides the facility for every user to see his own filtered charts of a list on a same page ? like user1 and user2 even if they are working on the same Report page and giving their own filter parameters sholud see different reports(charts)?